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Welcome to KOTS!

  • Where do I start?
  1. Buy Quake 2 (price of a sandwich on Steam)
  2. Download a more modern (and secure) Q2 client and place it into your Q2 directory. I suggest Q2Pro:
  3. Join a KOTS server!
    • The servers and IPs are listed on
    • You join by launching q2pro.exe, opening the console with `, and typing "connect <ip>"
    • Necessarily files will auto-download over HTTP thanks to the use of the modern client
  4. When you join, choose a name by going into the options or by typing "name MyName" in the console (brought up with `).
    • Choose a password for your account by typing "kots_pass MyPassword" in the console.
    • Press tab to bring up the mod menu and use the [] keys and Enter to select "Create Character" and join the game.

Gameplay details

  • If the server is empty, there will be AI monsters in the map for you to kill / grind on. These give reduced exp to incentivize PVP action.
  • Kill and damage things to earn exp and level up.
  • Whenever you level up, you'll earn a weapon point and a player point. Press TAB and navigate to the weapon/player menus to use your points. The KOTS Wiki pages give detailed information about upgrades:
  • Every 3 levels you'll also earn a power point:
  • The game very much operates on kill streaks. When you've earned a 6 kill streak, you'll turn green and each additional kill will earn you increased exp. Likewise, other players will gain increased exp to kill you, so you'll be a target. Earn a 25 kill streak and you'll turn white and it becomes a game where everyone is teamed against you and the exp rewards are massive!
  • A lot of abilities are powered by cubes, which is an equivalent concept to mana. Generally speaking, cubes are gained by picking up armor shards on the map.
  • When players and monsters die, they drop backpacks. These contain credits, which can be used to buy player, weapon, and power points. They're also used for buying 'spawns', which allow you to spawn with your weapon of choice.

Additional notes

  • Read the FAQ: FAQ
  • We're still working on porting a lot of the mod information from the former owner of the mod (amn3sia). Additional details can be found at the FAQ page there:
  • Typing "kots_info" in the console will show you your current progress to the next level and other stats about your character. You can alternatively click your name on the ranks on
  • KOTS is a mod with a lot of special abilities, much like an MMO. These abilities require lots of additional keybinds, just like an MMO. You can bind commands to keys by typing "bind <key> <command>" in the console. You can also create a config with all your binds by coping Quake2/baseq2/config.cfg as Quake2/baseq2/kots2020/config.cfg and editing binds as needed.
  • Don't be too worried about leveling up the wrong things -- the point is to make many characters and experiment! Some very basic general guidelines for Player trees are:
    • Technical: tank build -- your armor becomes much more effective
    • Wisdom: health steal, Level 3 lets you fly (bind a key to +fly)
    • Strength: Much more ammo carrying capacity (important for guns like chaingun)
    • Karma: Health regen at level 3, health creation at level 4
    • Rage: Occasional quad
    • Spirit: Increased cube pickup, ability to use a shield that deflects damage at level 3, create armor using cubes at level 4
    • Dexterity: silent movement at level 2, grapple hook at level 3, increased armor pickup, ammo steal
    • Vithealth: spawn with more health