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expack.jpg Drops a fake ammo pack that when touched will explode and deal massive amounts of damage (use the command 'kots_expack')
250 base damage
+10 damage per expack level
Damage decays at 10 per second
Damage is increased with munition
After 40 seconds expacks will explode and disappear (but do no damage)
+2 packs at per level
You can only drop up to your expack level / 2 packs at a time
Level requirement of 8
You can only train once per level 8 and higher


spiral.jpg Causes a whirling tornado of lasers to spin in and out from you (use the command 'kots_spiral' or 'kots_spiral forward' to launch it forward)
150 base damage per second per beam
+150 damage per second per level
+2 charges per level
Damage decays the longer it is out until it does no damage
Lasts for 10 seconds
Damage is affected by munition
Energy damage


bide.jpg Absorbs all the damage you take for 10 seconds (a timer with a lightning icon will be in the lower right of your HUD). After 10 seconds you will hear a sound indicating that the charge is complete and you now have 30 seconds to use 'kots_bide' again to unleash all the damage on an opponent.
If you die while you are still charging you will explode and deal only 200 damage to nearby enemies and at the minimum radius.
If you die while you are waiting to discharge them you will explode and deal half of the damage you have charged up and at the minimum radius.
Base damage of 200
Base radius of 125
+50 starting damage per level
+2 charges per level
Damage radius increases as you take damage with a maximum radius of 768
Level requirement of 6


throw.jpg Use 'kots_throw' while aiming near an enemy to launch them away from you. Maximum of one throw every 2 seconds.
You can also launch yourself in any direction you aim using 'kots_throw self'
As a quick way to throw yourself straight up into the air you can use 'kots_throw up'
Level requirement of 3
+2 charges per level


blankpower.jpg This power works similarly to the weapon upgrade of the same name. It does not use charges, but rather, gives you +30 Tech 7 max armor regeneration, and increases the ammount of armor you respawn with by 30 armor points. These are cumulative with the antiweapon weapon upgrade.


  • You receive one power point for every 3 character levels you gain
  • You cannot train a power you have resisted and you cannot resist a power you have trained
  • Resisting throw will cause you to only be thrown 1/5th of the distance